The Possibilities Are Endless

Is a film, a hymn to happiness, directed gorgeously by Ed Lovelace and James Hall about Edwyn. Premiered at SXSW Festival 14, here’s a snippet.

The film has it’s own Twitter handle, @EdwynFilm and website www.thepossibilities.co.uk for updates.



COLORAMA - Heaven’s Hotel EP

Colorama are back with a lovely new EP, called Heaven’s Hotel, a prelude to the new album to come later in the Spring. Release date is 3rd March and there are gigs in Manchester and London to boot!   Pre-order at aedrecords.com


The Possibilities Are Endless

..is a film, a hymn to happiness, directed, gorgeously, by Ed Lovelace and James Hall about Edwyn. About finding his way back to music, to life, to understanding. Coming in 2014, it’s been selected for the film festival at South by Southwest, which is quite something.

The film has it’s own Twitter handle, @EdwynFilm - for updates.


Don’t Let Me Down - Charlie Clark 

Charlie gets to be in a Western! And get shot! And possibly eaten by vultures!

Director Paul Orehovec creates another beautiful film to accompany Charlie’s music (which features the talents of Brandi Emma on vocals, eyebrow-arching and sharp-shooting.)

The folks at American Songwriter are fans too:


You can acquire Charlie’s perfect 10” vinyl 5-track EP, together with a FREE CD from our shop here:



We like to surround ourselves with NICE things…

Gothic weird illustration by Edwyn adorns our card..


He’s signed it too….from he to you.

Oh yeah, and this free too. We wish it could be Christmas every day.

or it might be this one…

or even this one..


Lou loved Dion

Here’s Lou’s beautiful words for Dion as he inducted him at that hall of fame thing.

And Where or When from Dion and the Belmonts for Lou, and to comfort Edwyn, who loves them both.

It was 1958, and the cold winds of Long Island blew in from the ocean, their high-pitched howl mixing with the dusty, musky, mellifluous liquid sounds of rock and roll — the sounds of another life, the sounds of freedom.

As Alan Freed pounded a telephone book and the honking sax of Big Al Sears seared the airwaves with his theme song “Hand Clappin’,” I sat staring at an indecipherable book on plane geometry, whose planes and angles would forever escape me. And I wanted to escape it and the world of SAT tests the college boards — leap immediately and eternally into the world of Shirley and Lee, The Diablos, The Paragon, The Jesters, Lilian Leach and the Mellows (“Smoke from Your Cigarette”), Alicia and the Rockaways (“Why Can’t I Be Loved?” — a question that certainly occupied my teenage time). The lyrics sat in my head like Shakespearean sonnets, with all the power of tragedy: “Gloria,” “Why Don’t You Write Me, Darling, Send Me a Letter” by The Jacks.

And then there was Dion — that great opening to “I Wonder Why” engraved in my skull forever. Dion, whose voice was unlike any other I had heard before. Dion could do all the turns stretch those syllables so effortlessly, soar so high he could reach the sky and dance there among the stars forever. What a voice — that had absorbed and transmogrified all these influences into his own soul, as the wine turns into blood, a voice that stood on its own remarkably and unmistakably from New York — Bronx Soul. It was the kind of voice you never forget. Over the years that voice has stayed with me, as it has, I’m sure, stayed with you. And whenever I hear it I’m flooded with memories of what once was and what could be. 

It’s been my pleasure to get to know Dion over the years and even, my idea of heaven, sing occasional backup for him. He doesn’t know how long I’d rehearsed those bass-line vocals. I was ready to back up Dion. He had the chops, and he practically invented the attitude. “Ruby Baby,” “Donna the Prima Donna,” “The Wanderer” … “I’ll tear open my shirt and show her ‘Rosie’ on my chest,” a line so good that twenty-odd years later I couldn’t resist doing a variant on it for one of my own albums. 

After all, who could be hipper than Dion? ”

-Lou Reed, 1989. 


Independent Label Market in Glasgow

Edwyn will head up the AED Records delegation to this event at Barras Art and Design Centre on October 12. As a co-founder of Glasgow’s finest Postcard Records more than 30 years ago, this is a homecoming moment. 

Don’t miss the AED prize draw!   Entry into the prize draw with every purchase made from the stall.

See you on Saturday!


More info below:

The Vinyl Factory and Independent Label Market are delighted to announce their debut Glasgow event, supported by AIM - the Association of Independent Music, SMIA – the Scottish Music Industry Association, The List and Kiltr. On Saturday 12th October at Barras Art & Design Centre, the heads of some of Scotland’s greatest independent labels will come together to sell this summer’s most sought after records and exclusive releases directly to the public.


Seabirds from Edwyn on the shop

Beautifully letter-pressed by Tilley Printing of Ledbury, The Puffin The Fulmar and The Oyster Catcher in packs of 6. They’re nice to the touch and gorgeous on the eye. Deep blue ink on bright white card. The birds of Caithness and Sutherland, where Edwyn enjoys them in life. New on the shop aedrecords.com 


Postcard Cat for kids and babies.

New on the AED Shop, Babygrows and Tee-Shirts in softest organic cotton and titchy sizes, adorned with the the drumming cat. What’s not to love?


Yes, Yes, Yes it’s the Summer Sampler! 10 sundrenched tracks and @EdwynCollins artwork. Free with every purchase over here on www.aedrecords.com


AED (Analogue Enhanced Digital) was inaugurated in late 2011. Our founders are Edwyn Collins and James Endeacott, who come with previous form in founding record labels.



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