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To all the bands and characters who have decorated our lives over the years, with love…


As we bid a fond farewell to West Heath Studios in London, our home for almost twenty years and AED HQ, Edwyn and Sebastian commemorate the occasion with a selection of 19 favourites recorded over the 19 years:

Opening Theme from West Heath Yard: Billie Godfrey

(Performed without irony by Billie, the opener for sitcom, created by Edwyn and Seb, in 1999.)

Splitting Up (acoustic demo): Edwyn Collins

(Stark early version of one of Edwyn’s prettiest bitterest ditties, from Dr Syntax, 2001.)

Untitled Melody: Edwyn Collins and The Heartbreaks

(Edwyn and the lads re-work an early OJ smasher for Record Store Day, 2013.)

Caught In Midstream: Vic Godard & Subway Sect

(Vic’s classic contribution to Record Store Day, 2013.)

Pauline: Little Barrie

(We will always love Little Barrie and this is cut from their brand spanky new album, Shadow)

Hunger: Frankie and The Heartstrings

(The soul of Sunderland – keep on burning. Frankiestrings at the Yard in 2011)

Ghost Of Love: The Proclaimers

(Recorded as a bonus track on their “Hits” album, Edwyn always loved this one.)

Play The Hits: Hal

(Hal. Oh Hal. We love them and we immensely love this. This was, deservedly, seen in the charts, though not high enough. Good grief, what a single.)

Warm Nights: Robert Forster

(Warm Nights was the first album to be recorded at West Heath Yard in 1995. Edwyn and Robert go back a long way to when the Go-Betweens pitched up in the Postcard Records kitchen in 1980. Robert bought us a coffee-maker, still in use.)

Back To The Backroom: Edwyn Collins

(It speaks for itself, this one. From Dr Syntax, coming back from stasis in 2015.

Love Entropy: Colorama

(A wonderful atmospheric track from the brand new Colorama album, Temari – available guess where?? AED Records, of course!!)

Redground: Astrid

(We made Astrid dress up as a prog rock band for the lost sitcom, West Heath Yard. This was 1999 and we pretended they were called Pegasus. Now Charlie Clark, from the band, can be found recording solo for AED!)

A Heavy Sigh: Edwyn Collins

(This is a tribute to London, his home for over thirty years, and where a piece of his heart will always be. From Home Again, recorded 2004, released, 2007.)

Hey Scenesters: The Cribs

(This is a memory of a very happy period at the studio. The Cribs, Edwyn and Seb. They clicked.)

In Your Eyes: Edwyn Collins and The Drums

(Recorded and written in no time flat, the perfect winning combination of Edwyn and Jon from the Drums voices, sound like they were made for each other.)

Remorseful: The Heartbreaks

(The most stylish and talented band from Morecambe ever. This is a sensory sensation of a track.)

Hold Your Fire: The Rails

(The Rails are currently on fire. We caught them first, and this haunting story song tells you why you need to hear more of them.)

Dark Times: London Mississippi

(London Mississippi are are AED supergroup. Trouble is, they’re all so busy it’s hard to pin them down. We have an album coming in the next few months. It’s amazing. That is all.)

Where Love Begins: Luca Santucci

(Luca is one half of Stubborn Heart, but this recording goes back ten years, never saw the light of day, but it wasn’t for the want of being incredible. Such a singer, goodness me.)

Welwyn Garden City: Edwyn Collins and Sebastian Lewsley

(Mad B Side from the early days of  West Heath Yard. Edwyn and Seb, doing what they do best larking around to great and weird effect.)

 2014 will see the birth of a new studio home in the far north east of Scotland.  Clashnarrow will pick up where West Heath Yard leaves off. 

"See you in the charts!" - Denny Lorimar

"Stay tight, but keep loose." - Jackson Gold



New Colorama Album Brought To You By AED


***AED ARE PROUD TO PRESENT ‘TEMARI' - THE NEW ALBUM FROM COLORAMAAVAILABLE TO PREORDER NOW from the AED online boutique we’ll be shipping copies w/c 16th June***

TEMARI follows Colorama’s acclaimed 2012 release, GOOD MUSIC and picks up where they left off, brimming with ideas and sounds! Resolutely eclectic to their core, Colorama continue to explore new styles whilst maintaining a consistency of songwriting that is never less than affecting.

To celebrate the new release, you can catch their superb live show tonight in London at The Social:  http://www.wegottickets.com/jezebelmusic

And tomorrow night in Manchester at The Cinnamon Clubhttp://www.wegottickets.com/jezebelmusic

We’ve got a preview track  ’I Can’t Give You More Than Everything’ on the AED Player for you to enjoy!


Tomorrow, MAY 5, is….Roddy Frame Day.


For the first time in ever such a long time there is a brand new Roddy Frame album. May 5 is release day. Everybody is showering this record with fulsome praises. Well, of course they are, it’s a bloody marvel. AED is the fortunate home, so come over here to get yours in physical form, LP with free CD version, or CD. Both come with an additional pressie - a bonus live CD of six songs,


Here’s SEVEN DIALS on iTunes


With Lukas de Pulse, the killer Brit Doc gals and a Maserati. Thanks to Sundance London!

With Lukas de Pulse, the killer Brit Doc gals and a Maserati. Thanks to Sundance London!


The Possibilities Are Endless

Is a film, a hymn to happiness, directed gorgeously by Ed Lovelace and James Hall about Edwyn. Premiered at SXSW Festival 14, here’s a snippet.

The film has it’s own Twitter handle, @EdwynFilm and website www.thepossibilities.co.uk for updates.



COLORAMA - Heaven’s Hotel EP

Colorama are back with a lovely new EP, called Heaven’s Hotel, a prelude to the new album to come later in the Spring. Release date is 3rd March and there are gigs in Manchester and London to boot!   Pre-order at aedrecords.com


The Possibilities Are Endless

..is a film, a hymn to happiness, directed, gorgeously, by Ed Lovelace and James Hall about Edwyn. About finding his way back to music, to life, to understanding. Coming in 2014, it’s been selected for the film festival at South by Southwest, which is quite something.

The film has it’s own Twitter handle, @EdwynFilm - for updates.


Don’t Let Me Down - Charlie Clark 

Charlie gets to be in a Western! And get shot! And possibly eaten by vultures!

Director Paul Orehovec creates another beautiful film to accompany Charlie’s music (which features the talents of Brandi Emma on vocals, eyebrow-arching and sharp-shooting.)

The folks at American Songwriter are fans too:


You can acquire Charlie’s perfect 10” vinyl 5-track EP, together with a FREE CD from our shop here:



We like to surround ourselves with NICE things…

Gothic weird illustration by Edwyn adorns our card..


He’s signed it too….from he to you.

Oh yeah, and this free too. We wish it could be Christmas every day.

or it might be this one…

or even this one..


Lou loved Dion

Here’s Lou’s beautiful words for Dion as he inducted him at that hall of fame thing.

And Where or When from Dion and the Belmonts for Lou, and to comfort Edwyn, who loves them both.

It was 1958, and the cold winds of Long Island blew in from the ocean, their high-pitched howl mixing with the dusty, musky, mellifluous liquid sounds of rock and roll — the sounds of another life, the sounds of freedom.

As Alan Freed pounded a telephone book and the honking sax of Big Al Sears seared the airwaves with his theme song “Hand Clappin’,” I sat staring at an indecipherable book on plane geometry, whose planes and angles would forever escape me. And I wanted to escape it and the world of SAT tests the college boards — leap immediately and eternally into the world of Shirley and Lee, The Diablos, The Paragon, The Jesters, Lilian Leach and the Mellows (“Smoke from Your Cigarette”), Alicia and the Rockaways (“Why Can’t I Be Loved?” — a question that certainly occupied my teenage time). The lyrics sat in my head like Shakespearean sonnets, with all the power of tragedy: “Gloria,” “Why Don’t You Write Me, Darling, Send Me a Letter” by The Jacks.

And then there was Dion — that great opening to “I Wonder Why” engraved in my skull forever. Dion, whose voice was unlike any other I had heard before. Dion could do all the turns stretch those syllables so effortlessly, soar so high he could reach the sky and dance there among the stars forever. What a voice — that had absorbed and transmogrified all these influences into his own soul, as the wine turns into blood, a voice that stood on its own remarkably and unmistakably from New York — Bronx Soul. It was the kind of voice you never forget. Over the years that voice has stayed with me, as it has, I’m sure, stayed with you. And whenever I hear it I’m flooded with memories of what once was and what could be. 

It’s been my pleasure to get to know Dion over the years and even, my idea of heaven, sing occasional backup for him. He doesn’t know how long I’d rehearsed those bass-line vocals. I was ready to back up Dion. He had the chops, and he practically invented the attitude. “Ruby Baby,” “Donna the Prima Donna,” “The Wanderer” … “I’ll tear open my shirt and show her ‘Rosie’ on my chest,” a line so good that twenty-odd years later I couldn’t resist doing a variant on it for one of my own albums. 

After all, who could be hipper than Dion? ”

-Lou Reed, 1989. 


AED (Analogue Enhanced Digital) was inaugurated in late 2011. Our founders are Edwyn Collins and James Endeacott, who come with previous form in founding record labels.



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